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Our quest for a special stone to set in a ring turned into the adventure of our lives.  


Few know that the Oregon Sunstone "Plush Diamond" was the original Tiffany's diamond.  Due to its rarity, they couldn't keep up with demand and moved on to mass production elsewhere.


The uniquely intense sparkle coupled with the grand history and rarity of the stone all while being in our home state of Oregon piqued our interest.


Our love of the outdoors and the lure of a treasure hunt evolved into mining these gorgeous stones so we can bring them to you. We want you to know that the jewelry you buy from us was ethically mined from hand.  Cared for with love and attention, placed in high quality settings to ensure you and your stone shine. 


We thrive on customer service to make sure you have an amazing experience, and we want to share a bit of your stones journey with you.


Much love and cheers to your adventure with Oregon Sunstones we hope you stay a fan forever!


Dena & Dewey

Oregon Sunstone Jewels owners, Dena and Dewey
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